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BOXWOOD, Your Art, Your Story, Your Adventure. Let your art, tell your story, wherever you go.™

Our Mission
Boxwood’s Mission is to help people discover and connect with art they can’t find anywhere else, that resonates deeply with their hearts and souls, offering a transformative escape from the mundane into an enchanting realm woven through the art of visual storytelling.  As a result, transforming the world into a more beautiful and inspiring place through the power of artwork.


Since Boxwood has been established we have travelled the country many times over attending several shows. During that time we've attended over 74 shows and have provided art to roughly over 15,000 guests. 


Why the Name Boxwood?
"Box" was part of the name from a company Aaron owned previously years ago and "Wood" was part of a name from a different company Aaron owned years ago. He took two lemons and made lemonade, in 2018.




Aaron Holley

My name is Aaron Holley. Before starting Boxwood in 2018 I was a concept artist and illustrator for 12 years. I worked with Disney on projects like Star Wars, Wreck it Ralph and many other things.

During those 12 years, I realized the need for change, the biggest reason was to get away from commercial art. I had this burning desire in my heart that was always on my mind to use my talent/abilities to help people and make a difference in someone’s life.

So In 2016, I made a life changing decision to sell everything I owned, the house, 401k, a 73 Challenger I rebuilt from the ground up, and left on a big adventure. It was an exciting time and a bit scary too, I remember shortly after I left the house I sold with my two dogs, I asked myself, “ what am I doing,” but I had faith and knew I had to do this so I pressed on and founded Boxwood in 2018.

Since then, the main goal with Boxwood is to help people discover and connect with unique art that you won’t find anywhere else. To find something that has the ability to captivate, inspire and keep you coming back for more. Something with depth like your favorite song or movie. Something timeless.

I live and work in Florida. My art is internally driven, inspired either by nature, biblical and or current events seeking to impart beauty and inspiration.

With each new painting, I set out to express ideas and emotions that continually evolve throughout the creative process, eventually culminating in dynamic spatial compositions that encourage the viewer's ongoing exploration. I'm grateful and love the entire process of painting and find something special in each piece I create."      -Aaron

Aaron worked in the game industry for 12 years as a senior concept artist/illustrator on several projects. To see some of his commercial art from different projects he worked on you can visit aaronholley.com. Some of the projects he worked on were; Star Wars Commander, Episode, Strife, Hellfire, Immortalis, Heroes of Newerth, Superman, Ragnarok, and Mafia Watch. With such clients as listed in the logos below.

Here are a few of the many companies Aaron Holley has worked for.


Boxwood Quality Standard

All artwork, vinyl printing, and fine art prints are done in house to ensure you're receiving a quality product that meets the highest standards. We have a strong commitment to our environment and our local economy. When you buy from Boxwood Boards you’re supporting not only our small business but other small businesses, Thank you and please wrap responsibly.

Our new Apparel, Accessories, and Home and Living categories are offerings that are handled through a third party. They make everything they do in-house on their end, ensuring a quality product for you. 

Master Editions

The Master Edition prints are 20" x 40" canvas edition giclée prints, signed and numbered by the artist. There will only be a limited number of these prints available. No matter how in-demand a print is after it is sold out, it will no longer be available. All of the print runs are done in house by Aaron Holley himself, ensuring the quality. These prints are printed on canvas, signed and numbered using acrylic paint, then varnished with a museum archival varnish.


Limited Editions

The Limited Edition prints are 18" x 36" giclée prints, signed and numbered by the artist. There will only be a limited number of these prints available. No matter how in-demand a print is after it is sold out, it will no longer be available. All of the print runs are done in house by Aaron Holley himself, ensuring the quality. These prints are Acid Free, 100% cotton rag media with a natural smooth finish, museum quality. Limited Edition Prints are printed on archival 330 gsm cotton rag paper with archival pigment based inks. According to the paper manufacture if properly maintained will last up to 400 years.


Open Editions

Open Edition or Conventional prints are only available at shows/events. They are smaller  12" x 24" archival prints. According to the manufacture if properly maintained will last up to 200 years. As new art is created the old prints will no longer be available for purchase on the site.

Older conventional prints may be available from time to time for purchase at public events like conventions and trade shows. Under “EVENTS” you can see a list of upcoming shows Boxwood Board Designs will be attending or follow us on Facebook or Instagram.


Board and Tech BARK

All Bark vinyl wraps are made using a laminated automotive grade vinyl. Snowboard, Longboard, and Skateboard BARK can be purchased under the BARK VINYLS section above. Along with Laptop BARK, Nintendo Switch BARK, Xbox BARK, and Playstation BARK as well.


Apparel and Accessories

You can now purchase your favorite art on many things from shirts to coffee mugs, shoes, even blankets and towels.


Art Services

Occasionally, at Boxwood Board Designs we also offer custom art services. If you or your company are interested in a custom commission, leasing art, or any commercial art services please contact Aaron at aaron@boxwoodboards.com.



There has been an abundance of people asking Aaron at shows if he creates art for tattoos. Anyone is welcome to use Aaron Holley's artwork as a tattoo, with one exception. He asks that you credit him as the artist and tag him online with a picture of your new tattoo.