History and Inspiration

BOXWOOD BOARD DESIGNS was founded in April of 2018 by Aaron Holley. It is a result of his desire to bring together his 12 years professional experience of working as a senior concept artist and illustrator in the video-games industry and 20 years passion for snowboarding to create beautiful hand crafted artwork for you to collect in your home, vinyl wraps for board sports,and vinyl wraps for your tech devices. Providing you with not only the highest quality materials when it comes to our vinyl, but also our art prints as well. Everything is made in the USA.
In addition, to the Fine Art Prints there is BOARD, TECH, AND WALL BARK. All Bark products are professional grade vinyl and laminated vinyl prints. Board sports can be really expensive. It’s an investment you make for a fun / enjoyable ride for many years not to mention some of the gear and accessories. Many people protect their cell phones with screen covers and car paint with automotive vinyl. With board BARK you can protect your investment, plus have the opportunity to change the graphics on it, be able to give it a fresh look and save yourself the time and money of having to look for and buy a new board. For more info on our BARK products visit our TECH page.


All vinyl printing and art prints are done in house to ensure you're receiving a quality product that meets the highest standards. We have a strong commitment to our environment and our local economy. When you buy from Boxwood Board Designs you’re supporting not only our small business but other small businesses, Thank you and please wrap responsibly.



Aaron Holley has worked in the game industry for 12 years as a senior concept artist/illustrator on several projects. Such as; Star Wars Commander, Episode, Strife, Hellfire, Immortalis, Heroes of Newerth, Superman, Ragnarok, and Mafia Watch. With such clients as


Disney, Pocket Gems, Garena, Moonlighter Studios, Frostburn Studios, S2 Games, Concept Art House, Aeria Games, DeNA, and EA Sports.


The Limited Edition prints are 18" x 36" numbered prints, signed by the artist. There will only be a limited number of these prints available. No matter how in-demand a print is after it is sold out, it will no longer be available. All of the print runs are done in house by Aaron Holley himself, ensuring the quality. These prints are Acid Free, 100% cotton rag media with a natural smooth finish, museum quality. Limited Edition Prints are printed on archival 330 gsm cotton rag paper with archival pigment based inks. According to the paper manufacture if properly maintained will last up to 400 years.


Conventional prints are only available at shows/events. They are smaller  12" x 24" archival prints. According to the manufacture if properly maintained will last up to 200 years. As new art is created the old prints will no longer be available for purchase on the site.

Older conventional prints may be available from time to time for purchase at public events like conventions and trade shows. Under “EVENTS” you can see a list of upcoming shows Boxwood Board Designs will be attending or follow us on Facebook or Instagram.


All BARK products are done in limited runs of 25 to 500. After a run is finished it will no longer be available online. All BARK products will feature the newest art from the New Dawn series. However, they're different from Fine Art Prints. They will have different designs available than what's in the New Dawn Series. These will also be available for purchase at public events like conventions and trade shows.

*PLEASE NOTE* TECH BARK will only be available at shows. To see upcoming events scroll to the bottom of the page and click on “EVENTS.” Be sure to follow us on Facebook or Instagram.


Occasionally, at Boxwood Board Designs we also offer custom art services. If you or your company are interested in a custom commission, leasing art, or any commercial art services please contact Aaron at


There has been an abundance of people asking Aaron at shows if he creates art for tattoos. Anyone is welcome to use Aaron Holley's artwork as a tattoo, with one exception. He asks that you credit him as the artist and tag him online with a picture of your new tattoo. 


New Dawn is a sequential art series project by artist Aaron Holley. It begins with the APOCALYPSE of our world. From there, the GUARDIANS who are entrusted with protecting the different habitats all over Earth are assembled to release the TREES OF LIFE, which begin to AWAKEN so that life may THRIVE once again.


APOCALYPSE, A world that millions of years ago Thrived and was teaming with life was in balance. Has now torn itself apart with chaos, fake news, death, and destruction. A dark gloomy land laden with the smell of death, dust, and ash. Very little now remains. The nuclear war has shaken the very foundations of the earth creating ripples so strong that years later have reached the Guardians awakening them to fulfill the coming.


GUARDIANS, Once created billions of years ago have risen from the dust and ash. Fulfilling the prophecy of protecting the different habitats all over world they now assemble to restore earth to it's future glory.


TREES OF LIFE, and the Guardians are two and the same. They are one. Each Guardian was entrusted with a Tree of Life to protect should it ever one day need to be released from it's ancient encasing and planted. Each Tree of Life contains with it all of it's corresponding habitats necessary elements; so, that it may Awaken and one day Thrive in it's new environment.


AWAKEN, years after the Trees of Life were planted by the Guardians they have been able to take root and flourish in this new fertile land and have begun to give life. Soon they will be able to Thrive.


THRIVE, After years toil and sweat the Guardians work has finally begun to payoff. The prophecy fulfilled. A NEW DAWN has arrived, allowing life to Thrive once again. The Guardians take their leave for the long rest. Each taking with them a sapling in the event they ever are summoned again.