Inspirational and empowering ORIGINAL ARTFINE ART PRINTS and laminated premium grade VINYL WRAPS for board sports, your home, and tech devices.

What is Board, Tech, and Wall BARK?

Make an old board look new or protect a new board with BOARD BARK. A tough long lasting Automotive / Boat - grade VINYL wrap designed for your board or tech devices. WALL BARK is a premium grade interior vinyl for your home. For a better explanation and visuals check out our TECH.

New Dawn

Thank you for stopping by. New Dawn is art that's inspired by the Circle of Life. When you listen to the news, this world seems like there’s a lot of crazy things going on to say the least. This series of work is meant to Inspire and Empower you to change for the better. In turn, giving you a break from reality. A break, into a beautiful inspiring new world without all of the noise and chaos. To remind us that we have the power to change - resulting in a NEW DAWN.

When you contribute to the NEW DAWN world you become a part of this tale, sharing in an adventure. Join us, as we create works of art for you to collect and enjoy, Inspiring and Empowering you for years to come. For the story click NEW DAWN.

Featured Artwork

New Art for the "New Dawn" Series.

New Dawn Limited Edition Prints

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