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So a while back I decided to do a game room in my house. My console of choice is PS4. Now I wanted this room to be...

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picked up some amazing art at comic con here in Co. And i got around to applying it to my never summer and I couldn't be...

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My husband and I met Aaron at Rose City Comic Con 2018 and absolutely loved his designs. He was so awesome to talk to! I...

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This is video on our Instagram feed from October 31st 2018


Aaron Holley

Worked in the game industry for 12 years as a senior concept artist/illustrator on several projects. Such as; Star Wars Commander, Episode, Strife, Hellfire, Immortalis, Heroes of Newerth, Superman, Ragnarok, and Mafia Watch. With such clients as listed in the logos below.

"I get asked a lot which one is my favorite.

That's a tough one b/c they're all my children. :) I don't release a painting until I'm happy with the finished piece.

I enjoy each painting for different reasons. As well as the whole process of each painting from start to finish, the creative problem solving to the finished painting." - Aaron

Master Editions

The Master Edition prints are 20" x 40" canvas edition giclée prints, signed and numbered by the artist. There will only be a limited number of these prints available. No matter how in-demand a print is after it is sold out, it will no longer be available. All of the print runs are done in house by Aaron Holley himself, ensuring the quality. These prints are printed on canvas, signed and numbered using acrylic paint, then varnished with a museum archival varnish.

Limited Editions

The Limited Edition prints are 18" x 36" giclée prints, signed and numbered by the artist. There will only be a limited number of these prints available. No matter how in-demand a print is after it is sold out, it will no longer be available. All of the print runs are done in house by Aaron Holley himself, ensuring the quality. These prints are Acid Free, 100% cotton rag media with a natural smooth finish, museum quality. Limited Edition Prints are printed on archival 330 gsm cotton rag paper with archival pigment based inks. According to the paper manufacture if properly maintained will last up to 400 years.

Open Editions

Open Edition or Conventional prints are only available at shows/events. They are smaller  12" x 24" archival prints. According to the manufacture if properly maintained will last up to 200 years. As new art is created the old prints will no longer be available for purchase on the site.

Older conventional prints may be available from time to time for purchase at public events like conventions and trade shows. Under “EVENTS” you can see a list of upcoming shows Boxwood Board Designs will be attending or follow us on Facebook or Instagram.

Board and Tech BARK

All Bark vinyl wraps are made using a laminated automotive grade vinyl. Snowboard, Longboard, and Skateboard BARK can be purchased under the BARK VINYLS section above. Along with Laptop BARK, Nintendo Switch BARK, Xbox BARK, and Playstation BARK as well.

Apparel, Accesories, Home and Living

You can now purchase your favorite art on many things from shirts to coffee mugs, shoes, even blankets and towels.

Art Services

Occasionally, at Boxwood Board Designs we also offer custom art services. If you or your company are interested in a custom commission, leasing art, or any commercial art services please contact Aaron at


There has been an abundance of people asking Aaron at shows if he creates art for tattoos. Anyone is welcome to use Aaron Holley's artwork as a tattoo, with one exception. He asks that you credit him as the artist and tag him online with a picture of your new tattoo. 

New Dawn

New Dawn is a sequential art series project by artist Aaron Holley. It begins with the APOCALYPSE of our world. From there, the GUARDIANS who are entrusted with protecting the different habitats all over Earth are assembled to release the TREES OF LIFE, which begin to AWAKEN so that life may THRIVE once again.


APOCALYPSE, A world that millions of years ago Thrived and was teaming with life was in balance. Has now torn itself apart with chaos, fake news, death, and destruction. A dark gloomy land laden with the smell of death, dust, and ash. Very little now remains. The nuclear war has shaken the very foundations of the earth creating ripples so strong that years later have reached the Guardians awakening them to fulfill the coming.


GUARDIANS, Once created billions of years ago have risen from the dust and ash. Fulfilling the prophecy of protecting the different habitats all over world they now assemble to restore earth to it's future glory.


TREES OF LIFE, and the Guardians are two and the same. They are one. Each Guardian was entrusted with a Tree of Life to protect should it ever one day need to be released from it's ancient encasing and planted. Each Tree of Life contains with it all of it's corresponding habitats necessary elements; so, that it may Awaken and one day Thrive in it's new environment.


AWAKEN, years after the Trees of Life were planted by the Guardians they have been able to take root and flourish in this new fertile land and have begun to give life. Soon they will be able to Thrive.


THRIVE, After years toil and sweat the Guardians work has finally begun to payoff. The prophecy fulfilled. A NEW DAWN has arrived, allowing life to Thrive once again. The Guardians take their leave for the long rest. Each taking with them a sapling in the event they ever are summoned again.