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BARK PRODUCTS - are professional grade vinyl and laminated vinyl prints

BOARD BARK is a laminated Automotive / Boat - grade vinyl designed for your board (a high quality vinyl wrap). BOARD BARK will make an old board look new or protect a new board.

BOARD BARK and TECH BARK are the exact same laminated premium grade vinyl. TECH BARK is applied to either your Console, Laptop/Macbook, or Desktop.



At Boxwood Board Designs we do the best to bring you the highest quality Board Bark available.  All of our "Gold Bark" is designed in and manufactured in the USA. While, there's no actual gold in this "Board Bark." Our Gold standard Board Bark is a premium grade laminated vinyl to help protect your board and give your board a new look that will last. Once you've properly applied it will be able to withstand moisture, resist tears, rips, and fading.

In addition, to the Fine Art Prints there is BOARD BARK. Board sports can be really expensive. It’s an investment you make for a fun / enjoyable ride for many years not to mention some of the gear and accessories. Many people protect their cell phones with screen covers and car paint with automotive vinyl. 

Board BARK isn't going to stop a train wreck, It's not going to look pretty if you're grinding on it. If you break your board in half, well, then I'm sure your BOARD BARK is going to be messed up as well. It will get cut up and break like anything does. It's not permanent or indestructible, yet.

However, we can tell you it is extremely tough. It's the same laminated vinyl that is used on cars, trucks, and boats. It's an Automotive/Boat grade vinyl. It is very forgiving and easy to apply. It is able to handle water conditions, freezing cold temperatures in the snow, extremely hot conditions, bumps, dings, and scratches. Not only from our experiences, but look at our Reviews page and Instagram.

From a logical stand point why not protect your investment, plus have the opportunity to change the graphics on it, be able to give it a fresh look and save yourself the time and money of having to look for and buy a new board. We are here for you if you have any questions on how to apply it or need some assistance. 

Board and Tech BARK will look great on your board or any tech device that we have it available for. Currently, we recommend using Board and Tech BARK on either your Snowboard, Skateboard, Longboard or any Tech device we have it available for. It is designed to withstand the outside exterior elements.
  • Whichever board or tech device you decide to put your Board Bark on make sure to properly clean and remove any dirt, dust, or burrs from the board before applying your new Board BARK. It is very important to only apply Board Bark in an indoor temperature regulated environment. The temperature when applying should be between 60° - 80°F (15° - 26°C) @ 50% relative humidity. 
  • Then, use the alcohol pads provided to thoroughly clean the surface of your board. Give it time to air dry. Please note after using the alcohol pads provided we recommend you do not wipe the board with a paper or hand towel. As this can leave small particles that can affect the adhesive's performance. 
  • Center the Board Bark then apply it. Use firm pressure when applying.
  • Once your Board Bark has been applied treat it with some heat. Use a Hair Dryer for Gold Board Bark and a heat gun for Platinum Board Bark. Do not over-heat or over-stretch the graphic media. Let the adhesive sit for 24 hours on the board before coming back to trim the excess off the board. Once the 24 hour period is up trim off any excess Board Bark to your liking make sure the edges are firmly pressed down and you're good to go.


For more information on visit our Use and Application  page. Our VHS page has some video tutorials on how we recommend applying Board Bark.


All of our "Wall Bark" is designed in and manufactured in the USA. It is a thick premium grade vinyl that resists tears, rips and fading. It has a low tack adhesive that is safe for walls. In turn, allowing the decal to be removed and reused.


Wall Bark looks great any room in your home; ranging from bedrooms, man-caves, work-out rooms, offices, family rooms and more. Nonetheless, wherever you do decide to place it you will need to find a clean, smooth interior surface to guarantee your WALL BARK will stay up for years and it's easily removable. We understand the excitement in receiving your wall bark. However, please take the time to clean and apply it to the right type of surface. 
Wall Bark is designed specifically for smooth interior wall surfaces at your home or office. We do not recommend applying Wall Bark to any exterior surface, vehicles, concrete or asphalt surfaces, stone, textured walls or bumpy surfaces. 


For more information on use and application click here. Our VHS page has some videos on how we recommend applying Wall Bark.