New Dawn


New Dawn is a sequential art series and story by artist Aaron Holley. It’s a fictional story that begins with the APOCALYPSE of our world. From there, the GUARDIANS who are entrusted with protecting the different habitats all over Earth are assembled to release the TREES OF LIFE, which begin to AWAKEN so that life may THRIVE once again.



APOCALYPSE, A world that millions of years ago thrived. It was teaming with life. This world that once was in balance has now ripped itself apart with chaos, fake news and media controlling the thoughts and minds of society, hate, death, and destruction. A dark gloomy land laden with the smell of corpses, dust, and ash. Very little now remains. World War III has shaken the very foundations of the earth creating ripples so strong they have reached the Guardians. Awakening them to fulfill the prophecy.


GUARDIANS, Once created billions of years ago the Guardians have risen and returned to Earth. Only to find it destroyed and in ruins. They assemble, to begin the long process of bringing back life on this planet once again. In turn, fulfilling the prophecy of protecting and restoring the different habitats all over the world. The Guardians are entrusted with bringing order, life, and balance to Earth once again.


TREES OF LIFE, and the Guardians are one and the same. Each Guardian was created with a Tree of Life to protect should it ever one day need to be released from it's ancient encasing and planted. Each Tree of Life contains all of the elements of life necessary for it to Thrive and bear fruit in it’s given habitat. Allowing it to stretch its roots deep in the freshly restored soil. They assist the Guardians with bringing order, life, and balance back to Earth.


AWAKEN, Hundreds of years after the Trees of Life were planted by the Guardians they have been able to take root and flourish in this new fertile land. Life is starting to emerge and blossom from the Trees of Life. Soon they will Thrive.


THRIVE, After years of toil and sweat the Guardians work, finally paid off. The prophecy was fulfilled. A NEW DAWN had arrived, allowing life to Thrive once more. The Guardians took their leave for the long rest. Each taking with them a sapling in the event they were ever summoned again.