Desecrated Laptop or Macbook BARK


Laptop or Macbook BARK SPECS
  • Actual Size of Vinyl will fit any Macbook, Macbook Air or Macbook Pro Old and new
    • SMALL - 11" or 12" Laptop or Macbook Actual Size of Vinyl will be 9" x 13" 
    • MEDIUM - 13" Laptop or Macbook Actual Size of Vinyl will be 11" x 15" 
    • LARGE - 15" or 17" Laptop or Macbook Actual Size of Vinyl will be 13" x 18"
  • Boat and Automotive - grade laminated vinyl, designed for indoor and outdoor use, will resist tears, moisture, rips, and fading
  • Air-Free technology allows air to flow easily in all directions and snap-up and re-positioning when applied
  • Can last up to 3 to 4 years depending on UV exposure and usage. 
  • Hi-Res custom hand painted artwork
  • Protects and Enhances the look of your new Laptop or Macbook or refresh the look of an older Laptop or Macbook
  • Artwork available that matches your Laptop or Macbook Bark
    • Removable with heat 

    Please note: It is recommended but not required to use a hair dryer once applied, be careful to not over heat your laptop. Refer to the VHS section for further details.

    Laptop or Macbook BARK "What's in the BOX?"
    • Includes: Laptop or Macbook BARK, 1 squeegee, 1 alcohol cleaning pad
    • Indoor and Outdoor use
    • Made in the USA

    VHS Tutorial on How to Apply Macbook Bark

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