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Bear Forest Skateboard BARK

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Size: 27"

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Please note: This will fit any Skateboard. It is recommended to use a hair dryer once applied. Refer to the VHS section for further details.

  • Boat and Automotive - grade laminated vinyl, designed for outdoor use, will resist tears, rips & fading
  • Air-Free technology allows air to flow easily in all directions and snap-up and re-positioning when applied
  • Can last up to 1 to 2 years depending on UV exposure and usage. 
  • Protects and Enhances the look of your new skateboard or refresh the look of an older board 
  • Artwork available that matches your Board Bark
  • Sizes of Gold Skateboard Bark - 10" x 27", 10" x 30", 10" x 34"
  • Removable with heat 
Skateboard BARK "What's in the BOX?"
  • Includes: 1 Skateboard BARK decal, 1 squeegee
  • Outdoor use

VHS Tutorial on How to Apply Board Bark 


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Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Jeremy Cunningham
Stated, "Miscommunication"

I thought the artist was nice. Had a great conversation. However, He stated that I would receive the same thing as the skateboard I purchased at a Con. Emailed and received back it was a miscommunication. There was not a sign next to the board stating that if someone purchased a board they would only get the Vinyl nor did he tell me this. He did not describe a vinyl to be applied. He did not state CLEARLY that it would NOT be on a skateboard. He told me at purchase that it would be the same thing different picture.

I was then told that I could return it all and pay the shipping fee for it. Honestly, this entire situation made me want to return everything, but I am not as I did like the art. The Bear Vinyl will now cost me more money to put on a skateboard and will probably end up in my closet as a reminder of the time I was tricked into getting more from an artist without them being more forward and clear about what the customer of his art is getting.

It was a real let down and I will not be purchasing more from this artist or giving them more money as this was a very distasteful interaction.

1 extra star because I like the art.

Thank you for taking the time to write a review and I’m sorry to hear you had a bad experience. At boxwood our policy has always been to make sure that every customer is clear about what they are purchasing before the transaction is finalized. In addition, to answering any customers questions so they are well informed about any of the merchandise we offer.

It seems you feel you’ve been treated unfairly and that somehow you were tricked. We can understand how you must feel really upset and angry. Normally we would say let’s stop everything and go back to where we started treating you unfairly and we’ll fix it. However, based on this review it doesn’t seem like we can reconcile your problems? This is the first time we’re seeing how displeased you were with our service in person as well as with the email response and the options we offered to try to help resolve your issues.

For any accusations we always ask to see evidence that supports someone's accusation so we’re able to see where we can rectify the problem. Unfortunately, the only thing we have to work with is your memory of what you think we said and our two emails. So to bring some context and clarify for future readers, The word 'miscommunication' was never used in any of the email correspondence. The email we sent stated; that there seems to be a “misunderstanding” because the email that was received by Boxwood from you stated, you expected an additional skateboard. So the receipt of your order was sent as a reminder to you for what you paid for.

Thank you again for your feedback, please reach out to me at aaron@boxwoodboards.com if you would like to work out a resolution.

-Aaron H

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